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Saturday, 8 October 2011

What young introverted females do with their Saturday mornings...

Intent: Wander for 2km to a mystical magical place, contemplate profoundly, make the elixir of life, talk to Treebeard..and maybe some elves
Purpose: (i) anti-boredom buster, (ii) going somewhere I don't usually go (fear exercise), (iii) because I'm a dork

Socks with a hole lotta character for the occasion(lol loooool) 
Fragrance for the occasion! (home-made concoction with compliments to patriarchal-type figure)

Left ^

Soundscape - man & nature clashing. Trying to immerse yourself in the ambience of nature is kinda hard when trucks and cars are roaring past in the distance.  Interesting contrast, that's for sure!
All poetically assembled, made and eaten by me!! (Materials: paper bark, bottle brush, ANZAC  biccies x2)

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