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Sunday, 30 October 2011

We're all just grown up foetuses

Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Lennon, Trotsky, October Manifesto, Stalin, bourgeois, Czar Nicholas the second... the various uninspiring keywords of the hour-long monologue I just listened to from my sister.  Meanwhile I was staring at the way my translucent arm hairs glow in the sunlight, the surface of my skin reminding me of the marshlands that feature in my eternally unfinished novel about a mutant race of nomads.  lol  Two utterly different minds - and that's the key... isn't it...  To encourage, respect and accept each person for the unique contribution they are to the world, although your sphere and their sphere may clash or contradict each other perpetually.  Imagine if none of us ever feared the unknown, or rejected what is different from ourselves.  Imagine how free we'd be.

There are many versions of us in our lives.  
The Ale now is shifting from version 2.0 to 2.1, or to put it in more poetic terms: I'm clawing and kicking my way out of the Womb or Cocoon that is my current life.  
But I think we can become too self preoccupied too easily
with all this personal focus, transitions, revolutions, metamorphosis.  
When you're introspective and introverted it's so easy to align all the planets in your own gravitational pull, to make yourself the centre of the world and forget others   
That's why we should become like guardian angels.  Each of us individually.  
Cue snickers and cutesy connotations of fluffy cherubs and angelic beings flying in rainbow-coloured skies.  That's not what I imply or mean. 
I mean that if it's in our power to do so, and if a person needs help, we should
reach out to protect them and guide them with all our might.
Imagine assigning yourself to someone...yet secretly... The person never knows that you're helping them, or watching over them, you receive no thanks, no acknowledgement, only the pleasure of watching your kind deeds unfold and have their effect on the persons life. ........ .... . .. .
And such is my unoriginal idea this fine night -a perfect candidate for kooky-Ale-science.
I may just conduct an experiment.  

Some Spanish, just cause its sexy

Viviendo en tu vida
todos tus deseos secretos como una puerta abierta para mi
pero nadie los conoce  
puedo verte llorar
un millon de veces 
yo te protegere
Soy tu angel guardian

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