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Monday, 10 October 2011

Two as one

Really, you and I...we're both multiple people living in one body.
I'm two different people.  You're two different people.  We are two people simultaneously existing inside one body.  If that isn't the most 1970s-B-grade-horror-movie-esque thought I've ever had... I don't know what is...lol
I am me as I understand me. You are you as you understand yourself.
But you and I are also a separate person all together.
We understand ourselves one way, but others don't understand us the same way we understand ourselves do they?  Do they...?  I don't think they do.
What we wear, how we walk, our voices, our behaviour, all these things that comprise the individual, are thought about differently according to the beholder.
We are also the person others perceive us to be.
I am me according to another persons understanding and the same with you. There are two versions of us.  
And isn't it true that we, me, you, us, change all the time according to the eyes and minds that perceive us?
Aren't we all just chameleons?  Inwardly we are the same, but outwardly we always shift and evolve and change colour?
But which perception is correct?  Or is that the wrong question to ask?
Do others really understand more about us than we do by ourselves?
Then again...they have the more unbiased, objective point of view when they listen to what we say, how we present ourselves and our words, our actions, our behaviour.  Don't they?  But they are still biased in a way, they're still influenced by emotions and beliefs about us and so forth, but are they less biased towards us than we are towards ourselves?  Oh man..
Today...what I really care to answer in all this thought and these questions is what does that personally mean to us all?  Because we are essentially two different people: one to ourselves and one to other people...will the gap ever be bridged?
What does this mean?  Will I ever truly understand you as you understand yourself?
Is it true that we possess the most truthful understanding of ourselves?  If it is, what does that mean?
The people we love the most - will we ever know them as they know themselves?
Are we entirely alone in our understandings of ourselves?  Will anyone ever see me as I see myself?  Or you as you see yourself?  Is there always this gap between us and every person around us?
A lot of questions but no answers.
Yep, another day in my mind.

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