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Monday, 3 October 2011

Sunlight, sparkles and other cute words that start with the letter S

Mentally exhausted ramblings after a long days work. Hey presto baby. 

Time is a shadow that stretches and fades
I fell in the grass consumed by green blades
with soundless, small cries, I pleaded: return!
a tomb in the grass, a body in the urn.
Eyes opened wide to an emerald light
this green dimension has no day or night
here all is jade and olive and lime
this verdant sphere has no day,
no time
the moon is a sun-dial
your eyes hide behind
the sun; a petal
frozen in time
your breath forms the clouds that never dim
forests in the sky pouring  kisses on my skin
along my fleshly lines
earth-eaten and lean
a glasshouse of green is my home In Between
we never lived, we always died
 forever unseen.  

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