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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Mummy...the world lies to us

Mummy...the world lies to us
Mummy...we lie to the world
why do I exist when I never even asked for it?  Why do we love and care for people who never love and care for us?  Why do people say one thing and do another?  Or conceal and wear masks over their thoughts and emotions?  Mummy, why is there so much repression?  Why am I so repressed?  Why do we build such frail and meaningless structures in the world that we seek to live orderly lives through, but end up locking ourselves in our own handmade prisons?  Mummy, why do people hate themselves?  And why do other people hate us?  Why do some people have choices and other people have little or none?  Mummy, is life really only about getting a 9-5 job and having a family?  Mummy, why aren't people loyal or faithful?  Why are there so many religions? Mummy, why don't we always get what we want and what's the best for us? Why do people fight against each other and lust for blood and power? Mummy, why is pain necessary, and a natural part of this world?  Mummy, will anyone ever truly love me in this world when there are so many divorces and so much self obsession? Will I? Why are there so many different truths, what happens if I get it wrong?  Why must I be scared in the first place?  Mummy, why death? Why must I watch those I love die?  Why must I die? Mummy, why do people veil whatever appears to have meaning with day-today vapid chatter, and vain pursuits that I care nothing about because they're pointless, and consequently feel an eternal sense of isolation? Why do people die alone? Mummy, why doesn't anything last?  Mummy, will I become what I see?  Why did I think I used to know some of the answers, why am I asking these questions again?  Mummy, why is my mind becoming so clouded with emotion right now that I can't ask any other meaningful questions that I know you wont be able to answer?

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