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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes

Some delicacies to add to this cyber platter today.

This biscuit pretty much sums up everything I've been thinking today... 
It's the little perforations in the biscuit that are important, but I'll ramble to myself later about why.
There seems to be two types of people, people that are
i) driven by the known
ii) driven by the unknown
They explain it as precognitive dreaming, but why for example, do I sometimes find myself in places or situations that I know I've been in before, except not in physical reality, but in a past dream?
I realise that I'm driven by the unknown. I'm either motivated or demotivated by the unknown.  Either fascinated, or repelled.  Either obedient or rebellious.  My most fundamental problem isn't anger or gluttony or lust, but fear. I came to the conclusion about a week ago, and now a lot more makes sense.  
That glorious biscuit! pretty much represents my mind, and I think, other people's minds as well.
The biscuit itself is cold, hard, palpable reality - what we're familiar with.  
But through that reality there are little holes, like the holes in the biscuit, that can't be filled.
They represent the things we can't explain, the things we can't "rationally" account for.
The coincidences, the de ja vu, the foresight, spiritual experiences, hunches, unaccountable feelings.
In defence fuelled by fear of the unknown, we narrow our minds and close those holes.
No wonder most of us live materialistic, spiritless lives.
I think I've embraced the unknown (maybe not quite socially yet) to the extent that my mind is full of gaping holes.
I can't grasp a thought for very long, or linger on any one thing without immediately thinking of something else.  All the holes have made my mind abstract, unable to come to conclusions about anything, resulting in lingering unease.  And lingering uncertainty.  I feel like a heretic, because I'm slowly and disjointedly re-examining and at times denouncing everything that has made me me, all the beliefs, all the behaviours, all the ideologies, all the life goals.  Sure, a pat on the back saying "it's okay, it's only natural" is a simple salve, but the depth of the confusion and fear and guilt can't be smoothed over with words.  You really have to live inside of a person to understand how they truly feel and how hopeless everything has become to them.
   We live in a world driven by knowledge - we've passed out of the Industrial Age.  
We're now in the Knowledge Age.
Knowledge is the greatest asset.  
  But I feel that soon this era will end and people will increasingly become jaded. 
We have knowledge, but we don't have spirit. 
I think that there will be a mass awakening.  I think there will be another era after this Knowledge Age that will come after technological advance has reached its climax, and the mass orgasm of temporary fulfilment from this technology (and all the luxury it brings), becomes old news.  People will want more.  They'll see the endless cycle, 'The Wheel' of life and realise how shallow and soulless the pursuits are.  And how lifeless and purposeless their lives felt.  They'll want more.  They'll want progress.  And it won't be left to The Church, or the Monarch, or the Government, or the Business. But to the person.  
I think the next era will involve yet another evolution, or revolution of thought.
To coin a rather pie-in-the-sky name, I think the next age will be the Soul Age,
where people actively go in search of the who, what and why of themselves and the world, I think it will be characterised by a mass interest in theories, cults, religions, and other things that attempt to explain the purpose behind life and offer more meaning and spirit-centred living. 
Instead of looking outside of themselves, people will finally look inside.

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