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Friday, 14 October 2011

The fingers that brushed against my cheek

I have many dreams about many things at night...unknown places, strange people, odd objects and actions, people I know, people I used to know, all mashed together in a crazy conglomeration of events and stories in my mind.  As would happen to everyone more or less.
The experience I had around 2:30-3am this morning blew them all out of this world.
This dream was completely unearthly.

My strange experience on October the 15 2011.

The beginning of my dream started in a bright room. A woman called Dominique I know from work was putting some sausages in a bowl and I was next to her watching.  There was a white refrigerator next to us and I looked inside. The sausages were not pork, chicken or beef, but were chihuahua meat (wha? lol), and once I told Dominique that they were chihuahua meat she began making these scared whimpering noises, continuing to mechanically plop the chihuahua sausages in the bowl.  She was really scared, but still she kept putting those sausages in that bowl.  The meat was disgusting, like meat you would feed your dog, and I remember smelling the raw meat in my dream.
The dream shifted, and I was in a pitch black room with the only light coming from the refrigerator which had its door open.  My sister was there with me instead of Dominique.  For some reason my sister and I got into an argument about something, which my sister ended by saying something along the lines of I'm (as in me) equal with a dog/I'm nothing but a dog. This was all in the darkness, with the only light coming eerily from the refrigerator.  After the argument, the refrigerator door shut and I was in darkness in this room.  There was a pitch black doorway across the room from where I stood and something came through it.
It looked like this:

Similar to Darkness from the movie Legend - minus the sword.  It's horns were also more curved like crescent moons, like this: (  )

It was an electric blue colour that was luminescent in the dark. (not red)
It said to me after my sisters parting words: "so, your nothing but a dog then?! ...  It won't matter if I kill you!"
I was absolutely petrified - there was a long table between me and the devil in the dark room and it was moving slowly around it to get to me.  All the time it had its eyes fixed on my eyes, and from memory they were piercing and ice blue. 
I began reciting the Lords Prayer, I was self conscious in my dream of how feeble and pathetic I sounded, I remember garbling my words: "Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven..." 
I was addressing this prayer to God in my dream, all the while I was looking at the devils face to see if there was any change and if it would relent.  But it was still edging around the table, as I was edging away from it, sort of like a slow and deadly dance, its gaze and attention fully centred on me, like a snake closing in on the kill.  
Soon I was saying "Lord, I know I'm not worthy".  I kept on repeating it, soon I was moaning it, louder and louder until it was like a cry as the terror was increasing inside of me "Lord I know I'm not worthy... Lord I know I'm not worthy...Lord I know I'm not worthy...Lord I know I'm not worthy... LORD I KNOW I'M NOT WORTHY!"
Until I awoke with a jolt.  Right in the climax of the horror I woke up. I was sweating. Something that felt like a hand brushing against my cheek had woken me up.  It was against the left side of my face near my cheekbone and it was a warm tingling sensation.  This didn't happen in my dream, it happened in reality, I lay there feeling the sensations against my face fade quickly once I had awoken.  
I think that something unearthly woke me up.  Instantly I thought it was some kind of angelic being connected with Jesus, or even Jesus who had woken me up.  
It's one of the most creepy and astounding things that's ever happened to me      
I sat up for the next 10 minutes at 3am in the morning madly recording what had just happened to me in my journal. 
We know so little about the nature of reality.
I'm fully convinced that on this day, the 15th of October 2011 A.D. I was directly contacted by God.

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