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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Simple things for un-simple minds

The perfect remedy for an anxious and convoluted mind!
When life grabs you by the throat with its claws...go prance off into the garden and appreciate the little things.  
A stump of wood that looks like a delicious lil cinnamon roll, the Spring buds of flowers...and this insane forest of 1m high weeds growing in the vege patch!!  (Behold the dandelions :-O ) 

I think the complacency we have soon breeds a contentious mind. 
We become too bored too easily... unthankful too easily...
there is always ' more ' to acquire, something more ideal or more perfect.
And then suddenly all those years of our lives vanished...in a quagmire of anxious oblivion
where the simplicity and beauty of day-to-day was ignored in the pursuit
of all these high-and-mighty things that will perish as well. 
And before we know it...we're as dead as our pursuits.  


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