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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The clairvoyant leaf

Time = 1:30pm-ish
Explanation = Was cooped up in my room typing up an essay for uni when I needed 'a breather' (aka.quick! run outside and stop the onslaught of insanity!!!)...when I walked down some steps and saw a leaf.
A LEAF I TELL YOU!?!!?!?!  A gum leaf from a gum tree to be precise.  It was just hanging there, right smack-bang in the middle, as if it was trying to get my attention.
Or tell me something...
If I hadn't gone up in an inquisitive frame of mind I probably would have severed the little bugger and told it off.  So after examining it for a while I rushed inside to get my camera, coming to a conclusion...

...the leaf is clairvoyant.
Maybe I'm just a batty weirdo in a timid disguise, but I felt as though that leaf was communicating with me.  Or else a spontaneous sign from God showing me what my life will be like, since I've been dwelling on life and death a lot recently.
The leaf was illuminated by the sun, so that every tiny vein threaded together through the leaf could be seen clearly.  It was like staring through a stained glass window in a church.  The pictures don't do justice to the vision at all.   But this is what I thought while I looked at the leaf:
the long pale vain running down the centre of the leaf is the timeline of my life.
I was born at the top upper tip of the leaf (where the stem protrudes from),
I will die where the end tip of the leaf comes to a point.  In the picture the tip is black & dead.
Throughout the leaf there are dark spots - when they were illuminated they were a crimson red
& they are major life events.  Some of the crimson spots touch the lifeline, or crowd close to the lifeline, and others drift away from the lifeline.  I know that the ones that touch the lifeline are negative events, and the ones that drift away from the lifeline are positive events.
There are also dead spots: one at the very outer edge of the leaf near the middle, and one on the very outer edge of the leaf close to my death.  I think they represent a crisis of some sort: either sickness, death of a loved one...
On the back of the leaf there is also this white line that connects two of the crimson spots, representing marriage I think.

This is irrational absurdity, blah blah, but this is honestly what I thought!
Now the leaf sits next to me as a sort of Omen.
Sometimes I think my imagination is too vivid.

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